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Pillory/An der Pranger

​张天阳 Zhang Tianyang


for string quartet


Once I read a literary work written in one hundred years ago. During that period, people in our society were apathy and indifferent with the surrounding. It was about a pillory and all the bystanders did not have a glance at the one who was pilloried, but gazed just at his clothes, hair, muscle and others. Spectators, running, murmuring, staring, assembled. The ways of narrative was so straightforward, with only description of behaviors not affective and moral. But exactly in this way exposed the deep freeze of this turbulent society. 
There is a pivot, unappealing but distinctive. There are few paragraphs, which are surfacely not reflections of the pivot but couldn’t flee from that. That’s precisely like the apathy bystanders that were not allowed to deny their identity with the society.






Tana Quatuor

Shanghai, China, Sep 23th 2017

Euro Premiered:


Concerto Budapest


Budapest, Hungary, Aug 29th 2018

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