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​张天阳 Zhang Tianyang

for Marimba Solo 


这部作品获得了2017年第六届Sorodha国际作曲比赛第一名,并于4月29日在比利时安特卫普首演。同时该作品也由Splendid Arts公司进行电子出版。


Bronzeguß is the casting of bronze ware. Nowadays we often use machine to produce copper product. But in nearly 4000 B.C. , the Bronze Age started to grow up. At that time people used primitive approach to cast bronze. When I pretended that I was working on it, it seemed that the scene, action and atmosphere were touching me.

This composition won the first prize in 6th Sorodha International Composition Competition edition 2017 for Marimba, and was premiered by percussionist Hsiang-Ting Tseng on 29th April 2017 in Antwerp, Belgium. It was also published by Splendid Arts Edition. 

Marimbaist: Hsiang-Ting TsengPhoto: Tianyang Zhang

Nov. 8. 2017

​He Luting Concert Hall

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